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Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Alamo Area
Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Alamo Area
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Big Brother with Little

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Alamo Area

Help us Help San Antonio's Children.
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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Brothers Big Sisters
Alamo Area


What is Big Brothers Big Sisters?

Big Brothers Big Sisters is a non-profit organization that matches children ages 7-14 from single-parent homes with a role model called the “Big Brother” or “ Big Sister." The goal of the agency is to provide these at-risk children with adult friendship on a one-to-one basis.

What’s a “Big”?

A “Big” is a mature, stable adult over 18 years old who volunteers a few hours a month to be a friend to a “Little” and who stimulates the Little’s interests and potential. The only required cost is the time spent with the Little.

What’s a “Little”?

A “Little” is a child from a single-parent home who could use the listening ear and friendly shoulder of an additional adult willing to share time and concern with the child.

How are they “matched”?

A volunteer and child are "matched" based on common interests and location in the city. Once there is a possible match, an agency caseworker evaluates the ages, interests, and personalities of the Big and Little to see if they will “fit” together. When they have been introduced and have begun their new relationship, they are a “match.”

What does a caseworker do?

The caseworker recruits, orients, and screens the Bigs, then carefully matches, trains, and supports the Bigs and Littles. Once matched, you will have your own caseworker who supports you with suggestions and who serves as a laison between the volunteer, parent, and child. They are professional social workers available to help and assist with any needs the volunteer might need in working with the child.

What's the role of the Big?

The Big is not there to take the place of the parent. He/She is not there to simply entertain the child either. Rather, the role of the Big Brother or Sister is to spend one-to-one time with the child doing normal, everyday things. If you run errands on Saturdays, take your Little with you. If you have a hobby, or project, include the child in it. Volunteers are not expected to take time out of their schedules, but rather look at what they are already doing, and see how they could incorporate a child into their day.

Big Brothers Big Sisters, Alamo Area

Main Page - Agency Purpose & Impact - Volunteer Options - Getting Started
Map Location - Frequently Asked Questions - Events
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